Saudi vs Qatar… Where Does Malaysia Stand?


When the news broke, the first thing that popped in my head was another episode of the disunity of the ummah. Following the incident the thought of those preparing for their umrah or hajj using Qatar Airways will face some difficulties. Talk about challenges faced by the pilgrims to the holy land, beforehand!

Looking ahead we are amongst the country caught in the middle. Before thinking about where we stand, either with Saudi, or Qatar, or neither, we should take a step back and first think about the Malaysians in Qatar, how are they? Then there’s the refugee influx like what happen to Bosnia and Syria, even Rohingyas trying to seek asylum, having Malaysia as one of their destination, can we accomodate them?

Prior to this, Qatar has been playing a leading role as a mediator and forthcoming to several “wanted” personalities and group such as Ikhwanul Muslim, Taliban and Hamas. The noble idea was to pull in all these personalities and groups to become parallel with the true teaching of Islam which is accepted worldwide. Looking ahead, what fears us right now is if these people come to Malaysia, what will happen to us? Remember Zakir Naik? The famous preacher, which now is labelled as terrorist by India.

On one hand it is our responsibility to help our fellow muslim brothers. On the other hand, helping them might backfired us. So, the question remains, where do we stand now?