Could We Control the Spreading of Daesh?

The Manchester terror bombing, the plan to attack Philippines Embassy in Jakarta by Indonesian Islamic States (IS)/Daesh leader and the Marawi havoc situation were important signpost to confirm the growing threat of the Daesh in Europe and Southeast Asia. However, a better picture can be seen in Malaysia as the authorities ‘still waiting’ for the Daesh fighters to come back home.

Truthfully, there couldn’t be any real threat from genuine Daesh-fighters in this region, as all of the Islamic State’s voice heard locally were just come from their-symphatizers. Genuine Daesh-fighters will get their butt inside Syria and fight to die there. They will not coming back to their home country, unless they’re survived at the end of the war, later.

The terror act of ‘local Islamic States or Daesh’ in Marawi is actually an act of fighters known as Maute Fighters, who had vowed allegiance to the Islamic States. They are not genuinely Islamic States or Daesh fighters. The main agenda of fighting by Maute Fighters were related to their domestic need only. At the same time, to get betterment of position in their long-term-domestic-fighting, they agreed to affiliates with the Islamic States. Highly likely, their motives in Marawi is just to get international attention, especially in attracting the Islamic States funders to fund them. As the Maute fighters turned to be an internationally-linked fighters, the botheration of Philippine Government to annihilate the threat in Mindanao will go double.

In Indonesia, the local Islamic States-fighters in were seriously observed by the Densus 88, a specialized team in anti-terrorism. Actively, Densus 88 are preventing Islamic States-influences and propaganda from spreading nationwide thorough Indonesia. Currently, Densus 88 efforts were found effective, and Indonesian’s Islamic States network-rings can be considered weak and unable to be activated due to the small numbers of their members. This is the reason why the call for jihad to launch an attack towards Philippine Embassy in Jakarta by a local Islamic States leaders Bahrun Naim, failed.

The most peaceful situation in dealings with Islamic States threat is Malaysia. Supported by an effective and strong regulation in preventing crimes and terrorism, the burden of the job still manageable brilliantly. So far, the Islamic States movement were known not to have any strong and active terrorist ring in Malaysia. Good prevention measures towards Daesh taken by the Kuala Lumpur authorities makes Daesh movements blunts, and unable to launch any major attack in Malaysia. The Parliament were doing a great job by approving POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) a few years back, as its now proven as an effective tool to contain Daesh threat in compared to other country in the region.