Brave Fireman Risked His Life To Save Another

KUALA PILAH – The courage displayed by a fireman has saved two women who were trapped inside a car that was washed away in the river due to heavy floods in Kampung Ulu Bendol yesterday.

Director of Pahang Fire and Rescue Department, Norazam Khamis said during the incident which happened at 4.40 a.m., a rescue team was on location to help flood victims in the village, before receiving information about the two unfortunate women.

“The women were in a Nissan Sentra, driving through the Seremban – Kuala Pilah road, before being trapped in the flood as soon as they arrived in the location and washed into the nearby stream.

“Firemen who were aware of the situation had to jump into the stream to save the women, and they succeeded,” he said, Harian Metro reports.

The victims were brought to Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah for treatment.

In another case, firemen rescued six flood victims including two children and a disabled person who were trapped inside their house as water levels rose.

Norazam said the firemen are still inspecting the area of the incident, and they observed that water levels are receeding.


Source : Malaysian Digest