Day Of Solidarity Talk: A Case Of ‘Preaching’ But Not ‘Practicing’

Last Sunday, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Datuk S. Ambiga Sreenevasan gave a talk at the third annual Day of Solidarity talk on Sunday at what looked to be a church in Petaling Jaya. The program themed “Pilgrimage Towards Justice and Peace” was co-organised by the Malaysian Council of Churches and the Conference of Religious Major Superiors (Roman Catholic Church).

Although the program was aimed to ‘shed light’ on the current political and social ‘predicament’ facing the country, the speakers were mainly focused on attacking certain quarters and selfishly imposing their brand of ‘justice and truth’ to the masses.

Looking at the program as a whole, it raises some very important questions that begs answering.

“Why was the program held in a church and not a community hall?”

“Why didn’t the organizers invite Muslim participants to the program?”

“Why was the program which aims to ‘enlighten’ Malaysians of the so called ‘injustice’ happening in the country, ONLY focused on blaming certain quarters?”

“Why did the speakers not give any substantial explanation to the issues discussed, let alone suggest plausible solutions to these issues?”

“Why was the ‘tone’ of the talks given by the speakers, especially by Ambiga and Zaid, was that of religious and racial provocation, meant to create dissension amongst Malaysians?”

Even some of the statements by the speakers were downright seditious, politically driven and mostly false. The deceitful claims made by Ambiga and Zaid were exactly the opposite of what they aimed for the program to be, which is telling the truth.

For a person of stature and authority, Ambiga, Zaid and Marina should not play around with words and fabricate half-truths just to push their brand of ‘justices’ and ‘liberal ideology’ to the masses.

They have a responsibility to educate and empower the people with the whole truth and tell the whole story without hypocritically taking the issue way out of context. At the end of the day, the program was a failure and proved that Ambiga, Zaid and Marina “do not practice what they preach.”