In the aftermath of the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il’s estranged half-brother, ties between Malaysia and North Korea has been at a strain. Things were further complicated when both Malaysia and North Korea imposed a ban on respective citizens from leaving their country.

With the growing international pressure on North Korea, Kim Jong-un has resorted to threatening to reduce US and its allies ‘to ashes’ with nuclear strikes. Although it has yet to be proven that Pyongyang has the capability to launch such an attack, it is safe to say that the US, South Korea, Japan and other countries, including Malaysia, is not taking the threat lightly.

Now here is where things take a turn for the supernatural. Out comes Ibrahim Mat Zin, the self-proclaimed Datuk Mahaguru Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP @ Clairvoyant Shaman King of the World @ Bomoh King of the World with a video of him and his disciples conducting a ritual to save Malaysia from North Korean’s nuclear attack with his bamboo telescopes, coconuts shields and bamboo cannons.

The video, which has quickly gone viral, have raised mocking laughter and attracted the wrong attention to Malaysia. His previous fiasco to find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane tarnished and belittled the efforts made by the Malaysian government to find the aircraft.

Local and International media lapped up the debacle, while Muslim scholars criticized his methods. He has unwittingly created a misconception that Malaysia, where Islam is the main religion, is a country where traditional Malay practices are a norm and people uses so-called “heathen” Malay practices to get results when all else fails.

Such idiocy, in whatever form and shape, is not helping to ease the negotiation process between Malaysia and North Korea to get back the Malaysians held in the communist country. In fact, it could even jeopardise the whole negotiation process, regardless of the kind intentions the shaman had conjured up.

Rest assured, the Malaysian government is doing everything in its power to get them safely back to home soil. Not only that, it has always been the Government’s top priority in ensuring the safety and welfare of all Malaysians overseas through our embassies and missions worldwide.

Rumours and fake news regarding the whole Kim Jong-nam-Malaysia-North Korea incident isn’t helping anyone at this point. The best thing right now is for us to place out trust in the real experts and let our Government officials do their job. Let us pray for the safe and speedy repatriation of the nine Malaysians trapped in Pyongyang.